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To address the current COVID-19 virus situation, the leadership of The Mishkan HaShofar Messianic Jewish Congregation has suspended all on-site activities until further notice. We are closed physically but we are not closed spiritually, therefore we will continue to offer the following activities via our Facebook live feed - go to Mishkan HaShofar (not Mishkan HaShofar Congregation). Be sure to friend us.

Every Saturday at 6:00 PM: Join us for a weekly Havdalah service.

Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM: Evening Bible Study.

On Wednesday, the 8th of April, at 7:00 PM, Rabbi Robert will conduct a Passover Ceremony where he will share how each of the elements of the Jewish observance point to Yeshua.

For more information about the happenings at Mishkan HaShofar, call 301 871-8701.

Shalom friends!

Rosh Chodesh Adar

Beginning of new Hebrew month of Adar

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